Fox City Flix Shines Bright

In a delightful convergence of cinematic enchantment and community camaraderie, Fox City Flix once again took center stage, bringing joy and entertainment to the heart of the Fox Cities. The event, held in the charming backdrop of Neenah, Wisconsin, celebrated the magic of movies while fostering a sense of togetherness among attendees.

Event Info

In a dazzling spectacle that brought together the magic of cinema and the radiance of community spirit, Fox City Flix illuminated the night sky during its recent event in the heart of Appleton, Wisconsin.

Event: Fox City Flix Shines Bright

When: 2023

Location: Appleton, WI

A Night of Movie Magic and Illuminating Celebrations

As darkness fell, the twinkling lights of downtown Appleton set the stage for an enchanting evening. Fox City Flix, renowned for its outdoor movie screenings, transformed the night into a cinematic wonderland, drawing film enthusiasts and families across the region. The unique combination of open-air movie magic and the dazzling atmosphere of Light Up Appleton created a truly immersive and festive experience.


The synergy between Fox City Flix and Light Up Appleton was magical. Attendees marveled at the synchronized illumination of the city, where the glow of holiday lights met the glow of the silver screen. Families and friends snuggled under blankets, sipping hot cocoa as they enjoyed a carefully curated selection of films that catered to all tastes and ages.

The event’s success was not only measured by the cinematic delights on display but also by the palpable sense of community and togetherness that filled the crisp night air. Fox City Flix and Light Up Appleton joined forces to create an atmosphere where the magic of storytelling and the warmth of holiday festivities seamlessly coexisted.

As the credits rolled and the final scenes flickered on the screen, attendees were left with hearts full of warmth and memories to last a lifetime. The harmonious blend of Fox City Flix and Light Up Appleton underscored the power of shared experiences, turning a night of outdoor cinema into a radiant celebration that lit up the hearts of all who participated.

Cinematic Joy


Festive Film Magic.


Enchanting backdrop for outdoor movie magic


Shared Experiences under Appleton’s Night Sky


Synergy between Fox City Flix and Light Up Appleton.


Heartwarming memories forged in magical night of cinema