Fox City Flix Recap

In a delightful convergence of cinematic enchantment and community camaraderie, Fox City Flix once again took center stage, bringing joy and entertainment to the heart of the Fox Cities. The event, held in the charming backdrop of Neenah, Wisconsin, celebrated the magic of movies while fostering a sense of togetherness among attendees.

Event Info

A Magical Fusion of Cinema and Community, Illuminating the Heart of the Fox Cities with Holiday Cheer and Cinematic Wonder.

Event: Fox City Flix Recap

When: 2022

Location: Neenah, WI

A Spectacular Blend of Cinema and Community Spirit

One of the standout moments during the Fox City Flix extravaganza was its collaboration with Future Neenah’s annual event, “Very Merry Neenah.” This partnership elevated the festive spirit, merging the magic of holiday cheer with the film’s enchantment. Families and friends gathered under the twinkling lights to enjoy heartwarming classics and seasonal favorites on the big screen, creating cherished memories of the picturesque Neenah landscape.


The synergy between Fox City Flix and Very Merry Neenah seamlessly blended the nostalgia of cinematic treasures with the warmth of community traditions. Movie enthusiasts and holiday revelers alike reveled in the unique experience, where the magic of storytelling met the season’s enchantment.

As the credits rolled on another successful Fox City Flix event, attendees left with hearts full of joy, reflecting on the seamless fusion of film and community that defines this beloved Neenah tradition. The synergy between Fox City Flix and Very Merry Neenah is a testament to the power of shared experiences, bringing people together in the spirit of celebration and unity.

Cinematic Joy


Cinematic joy in Fox Cities heart.


Holiday cheer merges with film magic.


Twinkling lights frame film memories.


Shared joy defines Neenah tradition.


Cinematic nostalgia meets community warmth.