Throw a Backyard Halloween Party!

Get ready for the spooky season and warm up your fall with a boiling cauldron of fantastic family fun. Halloween is an awesome excuse to host your next over-the-top backyard party. We dusted off our crystal ball and looked into the future for excellent ghoulish fun. 


Think about your favorite spooktacular childhood Halloween – neighborhoods coming alive with lights, candy, costumes, and hospitality. Create a fun hub at home where adults and kids can gather in costume and celebrate fall. 


String up orange and purple lights or use colored floodlights to set the stage for your party. Get creative with cotton batting spider webs — cut sections, then gently stretch and pull in all directions. A wooden dowel or garden stake, a foam ball from the craft store and a square of white fabric or sections from old sheets make quick and easy floating ghosts. Add vacant eyes with a black permanent marker or construction paper cut-outs. 


Nothing says Halloween like carved pumpkins. Set up a carving station for adults or leave the knives in the kitchen and set up a pumpkin painting station for kids. Choose smooth round pumpkins and clean with a paper towel or baby wipe. Inexpensive craft brushes and acrylic paint work well. Black and white are striking, but mix it up with more colors. Give awards for Funniest, Scariest, and Most Original. 


Set a theme: Show vintage Alfred Hitchcock movies and dust off your Madmen party outfits.  Make it Beetlejuice night and have a character costume contest. Evoke the Adams Family and dress in all black. Let your guests know ahead of time that there is going to be a contest, you might really enjoy some of the costumes they come up with. Make sure you take pictures! 


There’s no shortage of pumpkin spice recipes. Make pumpkin spice sugar cookies and set up a decorating station. Warm apple cider is always a hit.  If you have a firepit glowing, toast smores for an easy dessert that kids of all ages will love. Set up treat stations around the yard – or make it a challenge with a backyard scavenger hunt. Pick up a bat or ghost-shaped cookie cutters and get creative with bat-shaped PG&J’s or ghost-shaped tortilla chips. 

While you’re focused on fun, make the game screening easy by choosing a professional with cinema-quality projectors, screens and sound systems.

The Fox City Flix team is here to help!  We’ve delivered the outdoor game and movie nights – any time you want to bring the gang together for alfresco fun! 

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